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Prince Randy Koussou Alam-Sogan, Tribal Prince in the Republic of Benin (formerly known as the Kingdom of Dahomey).




Prince Randy is a French citizen with a diverse Bio-Genetic and Cultural Heritage including the Ewe-Fon Tribes, Yoruba-Goun and Hebrew, he is based in Paris, France and Cotonou, Benin.

Prince Randy is an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Founder and President of Black Lion Holdings, a global firm with a host of activities including Infrastructure Development, Energy, Eco-Construction, IT/Telecoms, Eco-Tourism, Bio-Technology, Agriculture Development, Finance & Media focused on Africa.

Prince Randy is very passionate about the Development of the African Continent as a Major Global Player in the 21st Century.

His interests range from the promotion of African Traditions, Cultures, Sciences and Arts to Innovations in various fields, providing people with enriching experiences and engaging in Social, Environmental and Philanthropic Initiatives in Africa.


Director of Projects & Programmes - Information Systems, Telecommunications, High-Tech, Infrastructure Development, Energy, Finance, Investment, Mining, Media & Communications and Tourism.

Prince Randy's hobbies include Cosmology, Archaeology, Astrophysics, Extreme Sports, Cooking, Traveling, Dancing, Swimming, Volunteering Work for Humanitarian causes and Indigenous African Arts & Sciences.


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  • Prince Randy Koussou Alam-Sogan Tribal Prince of Dahomey (Benin, West Africa) Entrepreneur, Engineer, Programme Director, Consultant, CEO, Child of the Universe.



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